Not for the acrophobic (those afraid of heights), this gorgeous redesigned flat in Porto, Portugal is a haven of relaxation. It was revamped by architectural group OODA, who decided that the home’s natural light should be used to create a spectacular, incomparable getaway.

They achieved this by suspending a hammock over the home’s staircase, effectively using a bit of space that is ordinarily both overlooked and wasted. The open staircase design was the perfect setting for a daring feature like this thanks to the home’s magnificent sea-view terrace. The glass terrace doors let in the kind of natural light that just begs to be lounged in for long hours.

Big enough for two, the hammock offers the perfect space for reading, listening to music or simply watching the clouds roll by with someone special. The suspended net brings to life a surprising space that was likely never even considered usable before.

In reality, the architects simply pointed out the wasted space’s potential and made a slight tweak that changed the home’s entire environment. The two-story apartment underwent a total transformation from dated and dark to modern and stunning…with a surprising bit of fun in the form of the over-stairway seating.