The first scene in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe comes to mind – a misty portal to another plane of existence glimpsed through an ordinary household object. Like folklore or fairy tales made modern, these seven cast-aluminum seat backs are cut and layered to tell myths in a contemporary material (metal) resting on traditional (wooden) seats and frames.

This series of chairs by Kranen/Grille follows in a tradition of Austrian craftsmanship that involves representation and relief in architecture and furniture design, but bring in elements that make them distinctly new and unique as well – and ultimately unmistakable as artisan objects of our times.

While some of the scenes tell stories of stags in the forest, others depict architecture eclipsed by modern-day power lines or historical engineering visions of the future – a sort of blend between the present, past and an imaged vision of what is yet to come.