Of the innumerable ways to create a functional focal point in your home, a sculptural staircase might be the most visually stunning. This example from a duplex in Braga, Portugal was designed and built by Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos for a family’s duplex.



The living space started out as an apartment block. The addition of the staircase united two of the apartments to create one larger home. Part of the second story’s floor was removed to make way for the U-shaped staircase.



The stairs are completely enclosed on both sides by thick white walls, save for the lowest part of the staircase on one side which is exposed to reveal the light-colored wood treads.



When adding the staircase, the architects also created a second-story balcony that looks out over the staircase and the traditionally patterned tiled entryway. The addition of the tile contrasts with the simple modern staircase, adding texture and making the unusual stairs stand out even more in this gorgeous contemporary home.