As impressive as a metal sculpture and stylish as the steps of some private submarine, this beautiful stairway is as much a work of art as it is of design. Looking up or down, the effect is a series of spirals within one another – smooth railing, then edged steps, then smooth again at the curved structural core and edged where the ends of the treads pierce the shaft.

The design comes in stainless steel as well as bronze, brass or copper, an optional gold or silver leaf finish, brushed or polished look, or what might be the best of the bunch: a weathered and rusted Corten steel look that would work well for an urban loft, which in turn seems like the perfect place to install one of these staircases.

Still not sold on the solid-metal option? Sandrini Scale also has an assortment of cool contemporary cases with all of those minimalist touches for a modern home interior: floating glass or wood treads, straight-cut metal rails and so forth, though none quite so unique as the Etika described in the images above.