Grillo Portable Folding Grill 1
The average backyard grill is not exactly a work of art, taking up a large chunk of valuable outdoor real estate – and forget about packing it up and taking it anywhere. Even compact portable grills of the sort made for camping and tailgating tend to be bulky and inelegant. The Grillo Portable BBQ by formAxiom, on the other hand, looks like a sculpture and folds up nearly as small as an umbrella.
Grillo Portable Grill 2
Made of stainless steel, the grill features a sunburst-like cooking surface on a simple tripod. Suspended mesh holds any solid fuel, including wood and charcoal, isolating the heat so the tripod stays cool to the touch.
Grillo Portable Grill 3
Grillo Portable Grill 4
It’s lightweight, easy to store and easy to operate, folding out and assembling within seconds without the need for any tools. A little scrubbing with some water cleans it up after use. The Grillo is currently in pre-production.
Grillo Portable Grill 5

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This modern grill design is nearly as compact as the flat-pack, briefcase-style portable grill, but a lot better looking.