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Beautiful as they may be, the looks – and even the functionality – of these sculptural items of furniture come secondary to a playful process of experimentation with unexpected materials. Designer Fernando Mastrangelo has spent most of the last decade learning through trial and error how substances like sugar, salt, coffee, sand, ice cream sprinkles and even reclaimed objects like BB pellets can be mixed with other materials to produce unique, durable objects.

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A practicing sculptor, Mastrangelo applied his eye for form and engineering to functional items like lounges, chairs and tables for a collection he calls MMATERIAL. The designer cast all sorts of materials in wood and silicone molds, sometimes reinforcing them with steel skeletons or mixing them with resin for extra strength.

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“I have notebooks filled with formulas from the last eight years of casting materials,” says Mastrangelo. “There’s almost nothing that’s dry and able to be cast that I haven’t tried at this point. I just knew which ones were going to work for furniture due to the amount of wear and tear certain materials can handle.”

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“As with most creative endeavors, you learn from work to work what is possible. Thinking about how I can push the processes of what we do at the studio becomes the main source of inspiration.”