End of the world steel cabin

Pockmarked, scarred and rusted from years spent traveling through the planet’s vast oceans, fused metal plates make for an ominous inhabitable structure … but perhaps one that would blend in well with a post-apocalyptic industrial landscape. End of the world? No biggie. Just get inside this thing.

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End of the world steel cabin interior

Benches, a toilet, a stove and a single industrial-style light complete the picture on the interior using rusticated wood and metal pieces, joints and fasteners .. the kinds of components someone might scrounge for and find after the world ends.

End of the world recycled metal bomb shelter

Heavy paint-stripped steel doors hang on giant industrial refrigerator hinges, swinging outward when the padlock and chain are removed. How one would actually move this supposedly-portable monstrosity in a true emergency is another question.

End of the world Vostok cabin

Welded connections and attachments are barely noticeable against the existing wear and tear, but if one looks close there is a surprising attention to detail, form and structure underlying the apparent chaos.

End of the world Vostok cabin details

Atelier Van Lieshout designed this as a statement about the current state of society – a (perhaps bleak) reflection of some contemporary condition. Regardless of the objectives, however, the space is compelling in its own right – albeit dark and dreary too.

More from the designers

Huge change is no longer in the past or future but in the present. Our society as we know it and have known to be safe is fast-changing. Value systems of yesterday are no longer relevant. A new civilization is ahead of us. This ideological society offers choice; are we able to find alternate ways of living, another model or are our days counted? The changing climate, growing poverty, wars an more are only expanding. This movable nomadic dwelling unit provides shelter from this disconcerting situation.”

“The armored shelter is made from old steel plates recuperated from demolished boats together with other leftover material from our current society. The material due to its previous life is crooked, damaged and irregular. There is no straight edge to be constructed from these disastrous supplies. The Cabin looks like an improvised defense / attack apparatus made by a local blacksmith in order to have a better chance of survival in times of revolution and civil war. Inside you find an improvised toilet, woodstove, and benches. It is virtually indestructible.”