Much of our sense of taste actually comes from our sense of smell, so if you eat something pleasant in an environment that doesn’t smell so great, that tasty morsel might actually taste kind of revolting. Canadian company Molecule-R has created a new kind of utensil that can add to the experience of whatever you happen to be eating at the moment.

aroma r-evolution taste experience

trick your sense of smell

The Aromafork features a small piece of diffusing paper just behind the tines. The user chooses from a variety of 21 aromas that come with the fork, including coffee, vanilla, wasabi, strawberry, chocolate, and butter. A couple of drops of the aroma oil on the diffusing paper paired with a mouthful of food will trick your senses into thinking that you are eating something different – or just something enhanced with your chosen aroma.

aromafork set

Molecule-R claims that the fork can double the amount of flavors your brain can analyze, making it a useful tool for people with food allergies or those trying to stay away from fattening foods. The Aromafork is available for pre-order for $58.95, which includes four forks, 21 aromas, and four droppers.