You’re eco-friendly, right? Whether it’s recycling, composting, or learning to drink kale smoothies without a straw — you do it all. But what about your furniture? Can you honestly say you’ve researched every chair, table, sofa, and mattress you’ve ever bought back to its material roots?
In an effort to eliminate the need for that time-consuming process, two Danish brands have joined forces to create a concept store inside a four-story house that’s exclusively stocked with sustainable Scandinavian furnishings.

Eco Townhouse

Aptly called “Eco Townhouse,” the multi-level structure in Brompton, near London, was furnished by Skagerak and Montana, both of whom are considered world leaders in eco-friendly brand furnishings. The venture makes up a key component of the Brompton Design District, which collectively chose “Material Consequences” as its theme for 2018.
In keeping with that theme, the townhouse only features brands that have demonstrated an outstanding level of dedication to sustainability, social accountability, and the use of responsibly-sourced materials.

Montana provided the indoor furniture for the project, while Skagerak supplied all the components for the garden. Every piece of furniture in the Eco Townhouse is made from locally-sourced wood that was reforested immediately upon being torn down, and they’re all lightweight, too, so they can easily be moved around to create fresh configurations. A few other notable pieces on site include the Overlap table and bench by Taf (a Swedish architecture studio), the archetypal Lise Sunchair that Isbrand designed 25 years ago, and Louise Hederstrëm’s Reform table and bench.
Skandium, a London-based Scandinavian design brand that was also prominently featured in the project, stated: “Scandinavian suppliers stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world when it comes to mitigating the environmental and even social impact of their products, and as such, Skandium is already populated with superlative examples of sustainable, responsible design.”

Philosophically Speaking

Montana and Skagerak feel that the term “sustainability” has been overused and reduced to little more than a cliché buzzword. Instead, they’ve embraced the concept of “consequences” to stress the fact that quality eco-friendly products also need to be able to withstand generations worth of time, both physically and spiritually.
Skagerak CEO Jesper Panduro explains: “Our principles as a company are based on simple lessons my mother taught me. Always be a decent person, always take responsibility, always be respectful. It’s not the most profitable way of thinking, but it is the only way to think if you are a business.”

Annette Spanggaard from Montana adds: “We create modular systems so that people can make room for personality in their homes. The Montana system has 36 modules, four depths, and 42 colors — so you can imagine the different combinations.”

Townhouse Highlights

Everything in the Eco Townhouse is unique and offers at least a little flexibility to always keep the design feeling fresh. For instance, the Reykjavik Daybed by Included Middle design can easily be flipped over to alter the balance of color. The shelving is similarly adaptable, boasting a variety of assorted sizes and colors. Other notable pieces of interest include the CH88 Chair, a Hans J Wegner design made from Danish forest hardwood, and the Noguchi Coffee Table, Anton Björsing’s design for Vitra.