Stark and minimalist design can at once become super cozy when you add the powerful element of a warm fire on a dark night. Case in point:  these fire baskets from Swedish brand Röshults. There’s a raw and primal appeal in fire baskets, which have been around for a long time in human history, from those used in Victorian fireplaces to the one found inside one of the original seven wonders of the world, the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt. Traditionally, fire baskets are designed for wood burning.
Röshults’ Fire Basket Baron adds a sense of luxurious and dramatic coziness to the outdoor space of your home, whether you style a snug backyard or the imposing driveway of a mansion. According to Röshults, these very fire baskets grace many a manor in Sweden. This iron specimen measures 105 cm x 50 cm (41″x 19.6″) and weighs 16.5 kg (circa 36 lbs).
Holding about ten times less wood, the Original Fire Basket was Röshults’ first product, designed by Anders Norgren. You can literally elevate the basket with the Fire Basket Pole, which is an impressive 169 cm (5′ 5″) tall. On an even smaller scale, there’s the Hilden Outdoor Candle Holder (see above), forged of untreated iron.
The less archetypal looking, more functionalist Fire Basket Urban 70 (see below) features raw untreated steel. And more playful, with a pop of bright orange color, the Garden Candle Holder is crafted from stainless steel and aluminum. Also check out the Lo Floor Candlestick (second image below), an example of modern Scandinavian minimalism fit for an urban rooftop as much as a more traditional setting.