We’ve come a long way from boom boxes and soundproofing foam when it comes to audio design. Check out the ingenious “Scale,” an acoustic system designed by London-based agency Layer. This standalone, elegant space divider – or partition system – for offices, hotels and other commercial needs can quickly and seamlessly be expanded to your desired scale, thanks to its modular, super flexible and easy-to-assemble design. The idea is for it to be able to grow or shrink according to the company’s needs, e.g. growing from a small startup to a giant enterprise. The company says this versatility makes it a sustainable product in for the long run.



The sculptural acoustic system was created for Woven Image, a textile design and interior finishes company for commercial interiors. So-called “experience design agency” Layer worked on 15 prototypes over three years to come up with this final hexagonal iteration. Scale features sustainable materials like recycled and pressed triangular hemp tiles. These tiles can be arranged to create a fenestrated or solid tessellated sound wall. Their surface area allows for excellent audio absorption. The tiles attach to the injection-molded ABS framework magnetically and the framework itself easily comes together via a polymer bolt system. Out-of-the-box assembly is promised to be intuitive and requires no tools.




Benjamin Hubert‘s studio Layer teams up with innovative brands to devise eco-friendly projects with a minimal carbon footprint such as intelligent furniture systems, smart appliances, wearables and apps.