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There is more than one way for furniture to double its functionality – convertible sofa beds are a good start, but more experiments with storage might be a less-glamorous pursuit with even more possibilities. A chair could be tricky, and we take desk doors for granted, but massive and dense couch-sized seats seem ideal candidates for making maximum use of available space.

The black-and-white, striped-box style of the SofaSofa might not be for everyone, but both the seating surface and back support elements feature a series of hidden storage areas. If nothing else, though, it will making the retrieval of dropped coins and keys between the cushions a simple exercise.

Whether or not it would still be comfortable to sit on (and lean against) is another question. Shipping and moving in general could also be a tad trickier. The underlying idea, though, is sound: space-saving sofa beds are just one approach to making such big pieces of home furniture serve a second purpose.