This hotel room is decorated entirely in scannable QR codes, each of which is encoded with a rather saucy surprise. Modez Hotel, located in the Dutch city of Arnhem, contains rooms decorated by over 30 talented designers. The QR Code Room is the work of Antoine Peters, whose goal was to create a room that exists in two worlds at once.

At first glance, the room looks extremely abstract. The repeating black and white spots all over the walls, linens and furniture do not themselves represent any recognizable images. When you scan the codes with a smartphone, however, their real purpose becomes evident.

The codes all contain links to (to put it delicately) piquancies. Sexy photos, racy videos, arousing texts and other titillating material are all hiding behind the seemingly tame black and white pixellated patterns. Because, as the designer puts it, “[A]ren’t we surrounded by porn everywhere nowadays?”

The result of Peters’ efforts is an abstract world that is secretly hiding a very graphic, adult layer. It is, in many ways, an analogy for the wider world. Our polite daily lives often hide quite a different private side – much as these innocuous black and white furnishings mask a drastically different environment. Once you’ve seen the hidden side, you can never see this hotel room in the same way again.