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Not quite a chair collection nor a series of hammocks per say, these suspended seating elements combine the comfort of the former with the support of the latter to create cool new contemporary furniture object that requires no stand, or any other means of floor support for that matter.

Unlike a typical net-and-rope design, these do not hang between trees or swing from a double-sided stand – the first ones have been created by Ryuji Nakamura Architects for quite the opposite kind of setting: a department store facade. They serve as a kind of abstract accessory, doubling as both decor and functional furnishing design.

White, semi-flexible synthetic panels of material are essentially strung between sets of metal supports to which they are temporarily bolted. The core steel supports are tied into the hidden structural system above, but a simple screw-on connection can be easily removed should the store owners change their mind down the line.

While they will not work for the usual outdoor settings (like the beach) or travel well (on a camping trip), they could look lovely in a minimalist living room or arrayed along a front porch perhaps. Of course, installing them might be a bit tricky – you had better know the load capacity of your ceiling beams before you try a DIY version of this.