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What do you get when you mix a typical stamp-covered wooden shipping crate with classic-looking dresser legs? No, it is not a pun – just one of a set of recycled furniture designs that remixes old and new objects (mostly conventional on their own) into creative and unique hybrids.

Plumbing pipe fixtures and fittings work surprisingly well as chair frame elements, while adding a glass counter top to steel-painted wooden sawhorses is more elegant and modern than one might imagine from the written description.

MaRaMa designers relish combinations that might sound, at first, either kitschy or silly. Sticking a boring clip-style desk lamp to an unfinished wooden log? Don’t knock it until you try it, as they say (though you should be careful not to knock it over, either).

Also, some of their ideas are a bit more avante garde than others – pieces like their reused-board cabinets, shelves and dressers may not be based on new concepts or approaches, but are well-executed if nothing else.