Perfect for a patio, lawn or log cabin, these unfinished works of cedar furniture look like they could have been carved from the stumps of trees in your very own yard. Built for indoor as well as outdoor use, each piece looks as solid as a rock but soft and light in tone – still, you may want to cushion the stools before you take a seat.

The forms are stark and simple, contemporary curves that contrast with the traditional uses of this classic wood. The applications explored by the Italian designers of Riva 1920 are likewise (by their nature) not too complex to construct: chairs, stools and loungers with a one-off rocking horse that might take a minute or two for a child to figure out.

Of course, there is a catch or two. For one thing, natural cedar (from western to eastern to northern, red and white alike) is over-harvested in many places. Depending on the presence of eco-friendly reforesting practices this can make cedar a somewhat less sustainable material choice – particularly when using solid logs to build furniture pieces.

Also, no wood is light when left at this density so be prepared to leave these in place – once you get them there!