alsace france farmhouse guest house renovation

A beautiful old farm building in Alsace, France was put into the capable hands of Loïc Picquet Architecte for a transformation into four guest rooms. The historic charm of the building was preserved while a new layer of modern sophistication was added.

modern windows alsace farmhouse

The exterior of the building was mostly left untouched, save for the new windows which protrude and add a decidedly modern flair. These contemporary portals are just a taste of the beautiful modernization that awaits inside.

living space alsace farmhouse renovation

The original timbers were left in place, giving the guest home a connection to its past. New components were also added: new wood structures were put in place which harmonize with the aged wood of the original structure. Stone floors are a modern but natural addition on the main floor.

alsace farmhouse bedroom

wall cutout alsace farmhouse bedroom

Other unexpected features like small nooks cut into the walls and half-doors adorn the bedrooms. Light-colored wood floors and natural light add a sense of space to the guest rooms.

bathroom and stairs alsace farmhouse

Every detail of the guest home is inviting and warm, from the aged wood exterior and exposed beams to the smooth and natural new wood constructs. The renovation managed to add a modern element to an historic building without detracting from the original rustic appeal of the French countryside farmhouse.