When London-based Edgley Design was asked to rehabilitate a home in Eashing Park in Surrey, they had a tough job on their hands. The 1960s home was in disrepair and suffering from decades of poor alterations that had rendered the home leaky and with an inconsistent exterior.




One of the worst crimes perpetrated against the home was a poorly-constructed conservatory. It overheated in the summer, froze in the winter, and simply looked out of place on the side of the house. Rather than repairing the ramshackle structure, the designers decided to demolish it and reuse the shiny stainless steel roofing panels.




This is how the Wrap House got its name. The stainless steel panels were upcycled to wrap the home’s brick and timber exterior, making it weather tight and giving it a slick, retro-futuristic appearance. The reuse of this material allowed the team to reimagine the entire house – inside and out – for the same budget that was allotted to just repairing the conservatory.


before and after

Above is the remodeled home at top and the original home at bottom. The home’s shiny new exterior reflects the gardens, grounds, and sky, turning it into a colorful and unique object in its lovely, natural green setting.