Converted City Bus House 1

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Life on the road is a lot more comfortable – and chic – when you’re rolling in a custom DIY RV with all the modern amenities a traveler needs, designed to your own specifications. What makes this particular project even more impressive is how totally transformed it is from the dilapidated, dusty city bus the two young designers began with.

Converted City Bus House 2

A pair of Israeli women purchased an old city bus that was a bit worse for wear, gutted of its seats with various components barely hanging on both on the exterior and interior. They stared at it for two days, trying to imagine how they could turn this seeming junker into the RV of their dreams.

Converted City Bus House 3

Gaining inspiration from fashion magazines, the women installed new floor, wall and ceiling surfaces, a long kitchen counter, a dining table with brightly-colored seats, a bed, closets and a bathroom with a shower. The counter and one of the dining seats conceal the wheels. A design company helped with the technicalities of fitting everything into the limited space.

Converted City Bus House 4

The designers decided to restore the exterior of the bus, leaving much of its original character intact. An elevated surface in the rear part of the bus provides storage space, which can be accessed through doors in the floor.