Cyclus pangolin backpack

In nature, the scaled mammals of the Manidae family feature a curious combination of hard and soft, firm but flexible. The applications to luggage are at once obvious and relatively untapped.

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Cyclus pangolin backpack opening

Well, here are a few examples that are outrageously unique, and made of upcycled, reclaimed waste materials to boot. You may not have thought you wanted a backpack shaped like a pangolin, but maybe you were wrong.

Recycled rubber inner tubes form the material basis for this series of backpacks, brief cases, hand bags and purses from Cyclus (and inspired by the work of the Biomimicry Institute). “By joining together layers or surfaces with a membrane, the structure, form, movement and a container space is generated.”

Cyclus pangolin backpack wearer

“The Original. Uniquely designed backpack inspired by the Pangolin animal’s biomechanics, made principally out of reused tyre inner tubes. Inspired by an armored animal, the Pangolin Backpack is the edgiest way to show off daring, urban style.”

A central axis provides a pivot point around which each rounded piece of the exterior shell can wrap and rotate, containing precious items in an impact-proof case while offering easy access to the contents.

Cyclus pangolin backpack purse

The whole series of Pangolin products is nearly architectural in nature, not just for its substantial physicality and expressive shape, but also in the way it builds a bridge between the environment and design.

“Three years ago, in the northernmost corner of South America, a dream called Cyclus materialized. Since 2014, in the capital of Colombia, that cold but cozy Bogotá that is 2,600 meters closer to the stars, creativity was added to high quality standards, which with 100% natural and recycled materials, gave rise to comfortable bags durable and consistent with contemporary lifestyles.”

“The hands of Colombians from different regions of the country carefully make our products. Cotton and natural leather are present in each of them, in addition to the iconic recycled tire.”