John Deere inspired rug

Contemporary, circular, colorful, small and simple … with a twist. Yes, these rugged-looking shag rug designs by Permafrost (for purchase via John Deere, of course) appear to have been run over by everything from humans and animals to 4x4s or tractors.

Appropriately, they are made in colors like green, brown, black and white to mimic exterior conditions. The printed patterns embossed into their shaggy pile therefore look correspondingly more natural, though of course also a tad more tongue and cheek.

These fun novelty rugs would work fine as shag area rugs but, given their abstract and braided appearances, are equally suited to become durable outdoor mats that could weather well too – after all, who would notice a few extra tire marks or footprints on them?

The carpets have names like “JD” (short for John Deere), “Giant Leap,” “Silence” and “Tundra.”

Fun rug design

“The JD rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia,” says Permafrost. “Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud. On the outskirts of civilization, reading such tracks is a vital skill.”

Silence rug

“The Silence rug is at first glance an impression of glistening white snow; a common sight in freezing Norway. Then you discover the tracks left by a passing hare; itself dressed in bright, shimmering winter fur.”

Giant Leap rug

“40 years after man made his first impressions on the dusty lunar surface, we released the Giant Leap rug through our Stories by Permafrost collection. We would like to think of it as a tiny tribute to an enormous achievement.”

“Permafrost is a Norwegian design studio founded by four industrial designers: Andreas Murray, Eivind Halseth, Oskar Johansen and Tore Vinje Brustad. We all graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture.”

These novelty rug designs may not be the most elegant floor coverings you’ve ever seen, but they could make a great gift for that one outdoors-loving uncle, or the perfect thing to lay down on the floor of your workshop or garage.