We don’t need an education expert to tell us that creative play is essential for the development of a happy child. And we don’t need a doctor to tell us that kids today need more exercise and time outdoors. A new gaming system called ROXs may fill both of these requirements, and it throws in a healthy dose of fun and laughter for good measure.
ROXs is a brand-new system that combines video games with outdoor play, so children can be active without even realizing it. “The idea is to engage and entertain kids in the same way video games do, but offline, away from screens,” the inventors explain. “Kids love ROXs because they are familiar with the video-gaming play patterns, they fancy the tech that powers ROXs, and they can use their imagination to set up their own game scenarios.”

The ROXs system, currently available on preorder, comes with 11 pre-programmed games, such as Crazy Chicken, Zombie Tag, Capture the ROXs, and Catch the Monkey, and all the games are designed specifically to encourage kids to run around as they play. Need an example? When you play Crazy Chicken, you have to listen for the ROXs pod that squawks and push it. Then, of course, another pod squawks and you have to rush to disarm it too.
There are tag games, target throwing games, memory games, and team games, and the built-in software means that you can add more content in the future (we love that option). And while games themselves may look deceptively simple, it doesn’t mean they are easy to play.

One cool feature is that the players decide how to play the games. You can attach ROXs pods to trees and fences, since they come with flexible holsters and straps, belt them to yourself, or set them out on the grass. Do a handstand before you touch each ROXs pod or say everyone has to leap and then pounce on the pod. Imagination rules!
The system records your time and score, too, so kids can challenge their friends or play for a personal best. While ROXs geared toward kids, adults can get in on the fun as well. Challenge one another at a family barbecue and compete for bragging rights. Also, you can add up to 50 pods to the main ROXs game console, and they are wirelessly connected within a 3,000-square-foot area, so there’s plenty of room for teens and adults to set up a larger-scale challenge.
The designers agree: “Even though ROXs is originally made for kids 6 to 10, it can be played by the complete family. We played it as warm-up in CrossFit sessions and saw it being used in athletes’ training. PE teachers love ROXs because they can use it to spice up their classes.”
Luckily, the ROXs pods are built to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play. The top is made from the same material as jet fighter canopies, the body is strong and shock-resistant, and the holsters are silicone and comfortable to wear. On top of that, everything is thoroughly tested for safety.