While lounging in the living room, you set your book back on the shelf to read later … then grab it off the shelf from your bedroom. Not magic, merely a bit of creative engineering with a twist. And consider the flip side: having a party in the living room, or want to clear you mind in the bedroom? No worries, you can spin yourself a blank wall on demand just as easily as you brought the bookcase into view in the first place.

Via Inhabitat: “The UnWaste Bookcase is a brilliant sustainably designed full-wall rotating library created by architect Ben Milbourne (Bild Architecture), eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu (Eco Innovators) and furniture designer David Waterworth (Against the Grain).

Aside from its neat rotational functionality, it also features engaging materiality. “The bookcase is manufactured from reclaimed plywood discarded from construction site hoardings, and the material’s unique characteristics of posters, weathering, graffiti and mismatched paints were incorporated into the design.” This kind of multi-dimensional collaborative project really shows that two (or three heads) is better than one.