wheeled rolling chair with handle

Unless you want to tire yourself out and put some serious strain on your furniture, you and most other humans just sit in whatever chairs are already in the room. The Rapide, designed by ONEMANDUO for Estonian furniture company Borg is a lounge chair that you can easily roll just about anywhere you want to take it.

rapide wheeled handled lounge chair

rolling chair with a handle

Designed with two large wheels and a handle on the back, the Rapide looks a little like a comfortable wheelbarrow. Its two legs are on the back, so when you want to move it you take the handle, lift up, and push or pull the chair.

rapide movable lounge chair

rapide rolling chair

When you get to where you’re going, just set it down on its legs. The stable wooden legs keep it from moving while it’s being used. The large wooden wheels are not just functional; they’re incredibly unique decorative elements that set the chair apart in style.