Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but quite expensive – Ruckstuhl splits the difference between the affordability of carpet and the beauty of hardwood with their Legno-Legno wooden carpet.

Designed to roll up just like an area rug, the elegant wooden carpet is much easier to maintain than traditional carpet but is just as versatile.

The simple lines and warm colors of the wooden carpets add a certain elegance to a room, particularly those in rented homes that suffer from bare concrete floors.

Ruckstuhl’s innovative wooden carpets are made of 90% real wood and 10% polyurethane and come in several colors to match and complement a variety of decors.

“A pure wooden carpet that can still be rolled up – resulting in completely new possibilities of floor design, extending the boundaries of the traditional rug. “

“While Ruckstuhl works with a lot of external designers, the Ruckstuhl Atelier designs a great deal of its products in-house. Over the years, the company has developed a distinctive design vision that is both timeless and surprising. The focus always lies on high quality natural materials that provide elegance, warmth and coziness, while being durable and long lasting.”

“The Ruckstuhl manufactory was founded in 1881 in the Swiss city of Langenthal. And for more than 136 years, we have been getting up every day to manufacture premium carpets and acoustic solutions of the highest quality – all made from natural materials. Our credo Nature Becomes Culture perfectly defines our commitment to sustainability, quality and design. We use natural fibers such as wool, linen, coir and sisal to skillfully create welcoming domestic atmospheres, contributing warmth and comfort. Be it in offices, stores, hotels or at home.”

“We process sustainable raw materials to manufacture products that are durable and retain their looks with age. Through this authentic approach, coupled with a refined and timeless design attitude, our company and our products have developed into instantly recognizable icons over the years. We invite you to touch and feel the surface of said icons and discover the naturally different world of Ruckstuhl.”