The Rok Espresso Maker is completely manual

Toting around Starbucks is so old hat. In 2015, artisanal espresso is definitely a thing. If you live in Portland or NYC or Los Angeles, it’s a very important thing. Almost an art form. A ritual. People can wax poetic about the old-school taste of Italian espresso versus the new, slightly tarter flavors of say a Stumptown or Intelligentsia roast or the wine-like acidity of an African bean. Whatever your cup of Giuseppe, as important as the roast is the coffee maker.

Rok Espresso Maker

These days it has to be a stylish yet functional objet d’art which you can proudly display on your immaculate kitchen counter. The ROK Espresso Maker from London (yes, they don’t just drink tea), is awesome because it’s manual. Most people these days are busy and favor easy throwaway pods. But these are wasteful and expensive, littering landfills with aluminum. Using just finely ground coffee and hot water is truly sustainable. No electricity needed. Just a little patience and elbow grease.

London-made espresso maker: Rok

The ROK is described as “the antithesis of an electronically programmed machine. You are in control. You are the ‘settings’ – part of the pleasure is making the coffee – the other part is enjoying the result.” We like being the boss. Call us traditionalists.

The ROK is designed to make a double espresso and comes in a copper or chrome edition. Parts include: portafilter to hold the coffee; spoon / tamp to press the coffee into the portafilter; a splitter accessory to make two single shots; stainless steel milk frother; instruction leaflet. A ROK coffee grinder will be available in late 2015. Ten-year warranty. Circa $179. Available at Amazon. More details at