Group Rocking Chair 1

Over a dozen people can easily all sit back, relax and rock back and forth at once in this massive group rocking chair built for public use at the 2014 Seattle Design Festival. ‘Wover the Woven Rocker’ illustrates the event’s theme of ‘design in motion’ with a curved structure that sways with the movements of its occupants.

Group Rocking Chair 2

Group Rocking Chair 3

The plywood framework consists of seven perfectly symmetrical ribs connected by multiple threaded rods wrapped in a hand-woven polypropylene webbing. Laminated individually, the ribs were CNC-milled, while the webbing was sewn in strips at a local handmade clothing shops.

Group Rocking Chari 4

The structure turned out to be quite a draw at the festival, attracting participants of all ages, including kids who treated it like a jungle gym. Say the designers, “The consistent flow of participants of all ages truly tested the integrity of the design; yet despite being in constant motion, the structure and the textiles never ceased to perform.”

Group Rocking Chair 5

“Ultimately, the rocker far exceeded the designers’ expectations and provided a fun, memorable experience for all of the visitors of the design festival.”