Non-morning people will appreciate this double-dose wake-up call: a jolt of java mixed with your favorite tunes to rise and shine with. Android-based technology scans the packets you put in, tell you about the tastes, smells and origins of the beans – and can be set to play whatever music you want based on the kind of coffee you brew.

Designed by In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song for?Metatrend Institute, this technology may be a bit ahead of its time – but not too far. It requires an (ideally continuous) internet connection to download the information to your digital coffee maker, and music as well unless you add your own mobile device into the mix.

Aside from the clever potential for cross-branding your favorite brands and brews, there is something to be said for the association of sound, smell and taste tied up in this device that builds lasting connections between all three to reinforce your ritual wake-up routine.

Whether we need another multi-functional box is one question, but as remixes of basic appliances go it is great to see someone attempt to combine elements that play on multiple senses at the same time.