The tech company best known for its doorbell with a built-in security camera just lit up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a smart new collection of motion sensor lighting. Ring Smart Lighting offers an affordable and easy-to-install series of outdoor lights that work together to illuminate vulnerable dark spots around the perimeter of a house. These lights can also be integrated with existing Ring products to establish an even more secure home environment.

Three Ring Steplights installed along a small outdoor walkway.

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When a Ring lighting fixture senses movement, it doesn’t just turn on to startle prowlers like an ordinary security light. It can instead be programmed to trigger other lights like it, illuminating your entire yard or perimeter all at once. On top of that, Ring lights send you instant notifications through an accompanying smartphone app. If you integrate them with a Ring Doorbell or additional security camera, they’ll also trigger automatic recording.

The series includes a hard-wired Ring Floodlight (2,000 lumens, $70) and four rechargeable battery-powered devices: the Ring Floodlight (600 lumens, $50), Ring Spotlight ($40), Ring Pathlight ($30), and Ring Steplight ($18). The floodlight mounts to an existing lighting junction box on the wall like a conventional motion sensor light, but the battery-powered units can go virtually anywhere. They all use LED bulbs for maximum efficiency, though it’s not yet clear how long their batteries last per charge.

Person walking by a new Ring Pathlight.

The system boasts a range of 1,000 feet thanks to Ring’s proprietary radio-based network, so you’ve got plenty of space to work with, and since the lights are so affordable, you could probably even create a self-illuminating safety zone all the way to your curb if you felt like it. A standalone battery-operated Ring Motion Sensor ($25) can be placed in spots where you’d prefer not to have a bright light shining (like near a neighbor’s window) and will instead trigger the other lights and cameras in your yard to activate.

The Ring Bridge smart hub mounted on an outdoor wall.

The Ring Bridge ($50) acts as a hub for connecting multiple smart security devices should you want to take full advantage of the system’s triggering actions. Of course, you can use the lights individually as well, but you’d kind of be cheating yourself out of the smart features that make the range stand out from the crowd. And if you’ve already got outdoor lighting installed and don’t want to go through the trouble of replacing it, you’ll be happy to hear that Ring also offers a low-voltage transformer ($100) that enables smart control of standard fixtures. None of these new products include integrated cameras, but the company does already offer a camera-equipped floodlight and spotlight cam starting at around $200 each.

Another nice feature of the new Ring smart lighting system is the fact that it can work in tandem with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant (Ring is owned by Amazon). Link the company’s smart lights to the Ring Bridge and connect with select Alexa-enabled devices to activate the lights wherever you are and adjust their settings by voice.

Ring's wired smart floodlight (on). Woman adjusting a Ring Spotlight set up in her backyard.

“Ring Smart Lighting helps deter crime by acting as the ‘eyes’ of the home security system and delivering an ‘always home’ presence,” says Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring. “Darkness is a major contributor to safety and security concerns among consumers, yet most currently available outdoor lighting solutions have limited capabilities and can be difficult to install. Ring Smart Lighting takes home lighting to the next level and can even make existing outdoor lights smarter. In just minutes, neighbors can create an entire network of security lights around their homes and integrate all their Ring cameras and lights right in the Ring app for enhanced, proactive home security.”

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