There is usually an extra step (no pun intended) involved when you want a door to hold itself open. This design combines science, ergonomics and intuition to develop a built-in handle solution, integrating a traditional door-opening device with a new door-stopping method.

First, the designer considered optimal angles and actual patterns of use. Specifically, a typical range of motion was used to determine a range of up-and-down motion most people employ when approaching and opening a door.

Second, an additional range was added to the mix, going beyond 90 degrees and automatically providing some resistance (to alert you to the change in purpose) before deploying a doorstop from the bottom of the door.

For a normal user, this is simply convenient. For someone in a wheelchair or with difficulty bending down or using their legs, this would be a welcome relief from using feet to do what hands could accomplish just as well. Design by Yu-Jin Kim, Jong-Chan Mun, Joon-Ki Park & Eun-Ji Yoo.