Stately Trees Meet Bark Expertise

Representing USA heritage at its finest, Bark House® has been cladding houses, both inside and outside, for a quarter century. On their website they proudly claim: ”Poplar bark shingles are our fabled product, where rugged and timeless style begins!” If you like trees, you’ll be very much at home here, though once inside you may not be able to see the trees for the wood  or rather, for the bark

Bark clad Boat House, Seattle

Homes, lodges and commercial properties are insulated and decorated in  sustainably made and reclaimed poplar bark shingles.   Eco friendly, tactile, durable and rugged, bark is the business! It covers and protects exterior surfaces, blending beautifully into the ‘great outdoors’.

Cherry bark meets bathroom wall


Warm, waterproof - bark as bathroom!

Come on, how warm and welcoming is this? If you want to bathe whilst pretending you’re in a treehouse,  or even that you’ve been invited to reside with Bilbo Baggins, then you’ll see the appeal

Bark House poplar bark wall covering

Bark adds depth and character to interior walls. Trendy bars, like this coffee house in Seoul, Korea and high end interiors are choosing to benefit from the gorgeous added texture of  bark shingles. Sick of wallpaper and boring old paint –  are they about as exciting as watching paint dry? Well bark-clad walls may gently fill the gap in your boredom threshold – and the gaps on the walls

Designer home, bark walls

As bringing the outside inside has become such an interor design cliche, it’s good to see it can be done with such panache. Bark on the outside smoothly meets the same rustic wall covering on the inside of this relaxing designer home.

Beautiful birch bark adds texture and insulation

Bark House source all their materials locally and sustainably. They employ local people and they design in-house. The end product is used throughout the USA and it is natural, pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Their (very long!) mission statement is partly replicated here:

”We hand-craft beautiful wall coverings for exterior and interior spaces using reclaimed bark from trees.  We honor the environment through thoughtful product design, procurement and refinement using sustainably certified processes.  We honor people by maintaining a long heritage of artisanal craftsmanship, supporting and enriching local culture and building whole-communities.  We actively share our success through community leadership and education, vendor training, volunteerism, employee designated donations, paying a living-wage and in special circumstances – lending.”

So come on – how cool is that!