It looks like a colorful collage populated with overlapping animal species – delightful to the senses, but also chaotic. But, like the theory of evolution itself, there is a purpose to the disorder and method to the madness … which becomes apparent when you flip the light switch.

The Carnovsky Collective fashioned this installation to reveal different historic species and stories with changing colored light filters – red, yellow and blue reveal unity even as each conceals one of the CMYK scenes.

Each filter is also reflective of a psychological state tied to the way colors impact our emotions and mental readiness. Red, for instance, is related to wakefulness … blue to sleep and so forth, which in turn informs the content of each image series.

While the group has applied the same technique to trick tarot cards and framed wall artworks, the effect is extremely pronounced in a whole-room setting like this, where wall-to-wall illustrations transform dramatically in the blink of an eye.