Another picnic table

Sitting at a standard wood picnic table, one is afforded a few basic options – often, depending on the social setting, people end up facing outward. This adaptive use was never designed into the equation, until now.

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Another picnic table in use
Another picnic flip up seats

Unfortunately, a typical backrest is absent, leaving the thin-edged surface as the only (and somewhat painful) support. With (yes, that is its title) “Another Picnic Table,” the seat surface folds up to become a solid backrest, while a lower panel flips into position for facing the other direction. You can sit back, lounge, relax, socialize or read.

Another picnic table outdoors

Made from pressed bamboo, there is nothing unusual about the slats and fasteners – no element precluding it from the same types of mass production most benches enjoy. While none remarkably different in form or structure, the effect on socializing is profound – sitters get the freedom to turn toward or away from the communal surface in comfort and without awkwardness. 

Another picnic table detail

Here’s how designer Jair Straschnow describes “Another Picnic:”

“This new variation of the iconic picnic table, made out of pressed bamboo, is trying to tackle two issues: splitting  the bench into separate seats results in easier access on the one hand, but also offers another option- a more relaxed low seating position. While there are numerous benches for public space, easy chairs are never to be found in parks and leisure areas, where one would expect them most. A collaboration with Wouter Nieuwendijk.”

About the designer:

“Jair Straschnow is an Amsterdam based designer maker, with a preference to sensible and resourceful design. he holds a bachelor of science in technological education ( in design studies from tel-aviv university (1991-1995), and did his post-graduate studies at the applied arts department of the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam(1999-2001). His self-assembly bamboo furniture collection grassworks has won the 2010 designs of the year furniture award  at the design museum London, where chair/easychair is part of the collection. Straschnow’s work has been shown internationally and featured in numerous publications and magazines. He is occasionally giving workshops and teaching, but mainly hides in his Amsterdam studio.”