Sitting at a standard wood picnic table, one is afforded a few basic options – often, depending on the social setting, people end up facing outward. This adaptive use was never designed into the equation, until now.

Unfortunately, a typical backrest is absent, leaving the thin-edged surface as the only (and somewhat painful) support. With (yes, that is its title) Another Picnic Table the seat surface folds up to become a solid backrest, while a lower panel flips into position for facing the other direction.

Made from pressed bamboo, there is nothing unusual about the slats and fasteners Рno element precluding it from the same types of mass production most benches enjoy. While none remarkably different in form or structure, the effect on socializing is profound Рsitters get the freedom to turn toward or away from the communal surface in comfort and without awkwardness. Design by Wouter Nieuwendijk & Jair Straschnow,