Liquids behave in the strangest of ways, as any restaurant server (or house-guest entertainer) can tell you. No matter how well-crafted the lip of a container may be, it can still play tricks while you pour out of the best-designed decanter or standard-shaped pitcher.

A double-neck design by Noro makes sure that any moisture that would normally wrap around (and then drop onto a table) is caught on its way back up and ultimately redirected back into the bottle.

The idea behind this clever carafe is akin to the philosophy of moisture protection in architecture: you will never keep all of the water out, so the real key is not to keep it in. In turn, the best design ideas for protecting interiors involve layers and structured channels for moisture egress.

There is only one catch: cleaning this kind of container could prove a touch tricky due to the odd angles formed between its inner and outer glass layers. Assuming that this is a solvable problem (through redesign or an industrial dishwashing machine), the concept could make messy drinkware-related spills a thing of the past.