Times 4 Coffee Table pie shaped

The Times 4 Coffee Table from designer Gonçalo Campos takes the idea of the Lazy Susan and brilliantly applies it to the living room coffee table. The design was inspired by a pie chart, of all things; the table’s interior storage compartment is segmented into four equal spaces.

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Times 4 Coffee Table organizer

To continue the many comparisons to other non-coffee table things, the Times 4 sort of resembles a big wheel of cheese with a slice cut out. Inside that wheel is a spinning platform divided into quarters of different colors. When you want to display a certain section (or hide all of the other sections) you just have to rotate the interior.

Times 4 Coffee Table detail

For the strict organizer in you, the different colors can help you keep track of what items are in which compartment. Rotating the colors – blue, green, grey, and pink – can also help you subtly change up your room’s interior with just a little flick of the hand.

Times 4 Coffee Table modern furniture

The designer created the Times 4 Coffee Table for French furniture retailer Polit. You can buy it directly from them for a cool €1446 (about $1585 US) with free shipping within France…you’ll have to contact the company directly for delivery to any other country.

“In furniture, storage many times means drawers. I wanted to try and do something different. Using rotation to somehow store items. This was a different solution that not only works as storage but also allows display. So people can show 1/4 of the things they keep. Changing the way things work is fun. It does not always work, but this time it did.”

Times 4 Coffee Table

About the designer:

“From a young age that I was deeply interested in products, from vaccum cleaners, to wind shield wipers. Naturally that led to trying to understand how things were made. Eventually I ended up at FABRICA (Benetton’s communications research center) in 2008, straight out of university. There I had the chance to work with companies like BENETTON or ZANOTTA.”

“Since that first experience as a designer I went off on my own, and now design products (mostly furniture) for a number of companies like LIGNE ROSET, WEWOOD or KVADRAT.”