Espresso Machine Engine 1

The engine that has powered some of the world’s fastest and most powerful cars can now power you with highly caffeinated beverages. Espresso Veloce’s V12 espresso machine features an ‘oil reservoir’ at the top for supplementary liquors like grappa, and six dispensers modeled after exhaust pipes.

Espresso Machine Engine 2

Espresso Machine Engine 3

Each machine is made up of 90 components precision-machined from many of the same top quality materials as the engines. The exhaust pipes have been heat-treated for an authentic race car rainbow finish. A high-pressure pump and heat exchanger pump hot water through the head, and the espresso is dispensed into stainless steel cups resembling pistons.

Espresso Machine Engine 4

All of those details come at a price: the cost of this machine is nearly $15,000, not too far off from what you’d pay for a real engine. It’s also available in V-8 and V-10 formats. Says Espresso Veloce, “Undoubtedly the most beautifully-engineered, well-balanced engine the world of grand prix racing ever experienced, the V12 was the power plant of choice in the ’90s producing massive amounts of torque and smooth power delivery throughout its rev range.”