rooftop tent

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Quite possibly the smallest thing you could call any kind of mobile home, this little MINI Cooper add-on sleeping space turns one of the most unlikely little cars onto the highway into a surprisingly roadtrip-capable vehicle.

rooftop mini car tent

The rooftop tent (MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp) may not be spacious enough for a kitchen or bathroom, but it provides a place to sleep and serves a few other critical functions as well.

roof rack sleeping space

By residing on top of your car, this little structure gets you up off the ground, avoiding pesky late-night interactions with unwanted animal visitors. It also prevents that classic camping experience of waking to find the bottom of your tent soaking in a post-rainstorm puddle.

roof road trip accessory

Its rigid top and bottom provide protection for the interior while you are on the road and stability when it is deployed for camping. And, of course, being outside of the vehicle, the tent spares you a bit more space on the inside of the car for storing travel gear and supplies, and leaves you space for a rack on the back to hang a bike to boot.