crushed can vases

The everyday items that we discard without much care or thought often turn out to be much more beautiful than they appear at first glance. The Porcelain Can Vases from Apartment 48 look just like aluminum soda cans – the kind you probably crumple up and toss into the recycling bin absentmindedly. Cast in porcelain from actual soda cans, the vases hold 12 ounces of liquid. Their every bend and fold is exquisitely detailed, inviting a second thought about the simplistic beauty of this common form.

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crushed crinkle cups

Likewise, the Crinkle Cups from designer Rob Brandt inspire a fresh perspective on disposable cups. These ceramic cups were made to look just like plastic or paper drink cups, but they are far more sturdy and permanent. The fact that they were modeled after crushed drink cups is a constant reminder of our propensity for throwing things away when we could – and should – be embracing their reusable alternatives instead.

They’re definitely unique pieces that will get people talking if you display them around your house.

About the designers:

“Every interior has a story. Apartment 48 takes an organic approach to building your narrative. For over two decades, we have worked with clients on a multitude of projects: modern lofts, television studios, summer homes, and commercial offices. Regardless of the project, our goal is to discover our client’s voice and to cultivate a design that enhances their uniqueness and style.”
“Our principal designer, Rayman Boozer, is a graduate of Indiana University. After moving to New York City, “Time Out” magazine had dubbed him the “go to designer for color consulting.” Over the years Apartment 48 has embraced that distinction – specializing in combining vibrant colors, exotic materials, and contemporary furnishings to create spaces that feel optimistic, relaxed and effortless. Our company focus is on our clients and utilizing our craft to tell their story.”