Many people buy antique lamps, vintage chairs and other retro odds and ends to decorate their homes – but just how far are you willing to go? The Second Hand Rose has the largest collection of vintage wallpapers in the world, dating all the way back to the 1860s and featured in museums around the world. Their rolls range from two to four figures depending upon the design, rarity and its origins (including Frank Lloyd Wright originals).


Their geometric pattern section has selections of modernist wallpaper including pop-art and other modern styles dating back over a hundred years.


A childrens’ favorite, their novelty set has everything from cowboys and zoo animals to fairy-tale and sports scenes from ages past.


Their kitchen collection has some true classics which might or might not suit you (or your older relatives’) fancy, including lace, flower, pot, pan, ivy and tea themes.


Their rarities set has a hodge-podge of floral, kitchen, wood veneer and other assorted oddities from every era – from floral and colorful to modern and simple.