hidden underground bunker home las vegas

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If you’re used to seeing the dreary, claustrophobic bomb shelters in movies, you’ll be blown away by this luxury underground home in Las Vegas. Built in the 1970s by a wealthy businessman, the underground bunker home was meant to keep the owner and his wife safe in the event of a nuclear attack.

las vegas underground bunker home

underground bunker home pool sauna hot tub golf course

When the home was built, there were very few clues above ground as to its existence. If you managed to glance behind the right boulder and found the door, you would then travel 26 feet underground to a fascinating false world. A “yard” surrounds a two-bedroom house and a one-bedroom guest house. Fake trees, boulders and plants add to the creepily realistic subterranean world.

las vegas luxury underground home

bunker underground kitchen

Unlike those bleak movie bomb shelters, this one offers luxuries that most of us don’t even get to enjoy above ground. Two hot tubs, a heated pool, sauna, bar, dance floor and putting course are built into this odd home’s underground environment. In fact, the original owners didn’t wait for the air raid sirens to go off before enjoying the bunker: they are said to have lived underground full-time.

yellow bedroom bunker house

luxury underground bunker home

A 360-degree mural painted around the perimeter of the bunker contributes to the illusion of being outdoors. A grill hidden inside a fake boulder (which vents to ground level through a nearby hollow tree) even let the residents feel as though they were having a good old-fashioned cookout. A two-bedroom guest house was eventually added and is now the only way to enter the underground home.