There are two reasons to be interested in something that fits into an accepted style and/or historical period of design: either you are trying to match an existing interior context or you are striving to do something interesting and different, to add a bit of funk to a drab and undecorated interior design.

Elmira Stoveworks caters a fairly large variety of periods and styles with some appliances bordering on truly historical and others that are fashionably interpretive of designs-that-were. Some are complex combination pieces complete with work spaces, stoves, ovens and vent hoods while others are simple classics like a combined refrigerator-and-freezer unit that looks like something straight out of the 1950s, from color to hardware.

In some ways, these retro kitchen designs look even better out of context – perhaps put into a dull and boring apartment design that needs a retro infusion to give it some flavor, or a good way to offset an otherwise overly-minimalist layout. The color variety is also impressive – sure to suit even the most atrocious of 1970s color schemes if desired.

“Elmira’s connection to vintage appliances dates back three generations. Founder Tom Hendrick’s father supplied woodburning cookstove parts to local Mennonites from his hardware store in Elmira, Ontario. In 1975, Tom saw an opportunity to supply complete cookstoves to the local market and, potentially, all of North America. He acquired the rights for the Findlay Oval cookstove, and began manufacturing in a former chicken barn just outside of Elmira. The popularity of the stoves grew, and consumers soon began to ask for similar styling in gas and electric models. Hendrick responded, and the product line expanded to include a full line of gas and electric ranges with traditional styling and some of the modern features the company offers today. Fireplace shops, appliance stores and emporiums across the continent became an enthusiastic dealer network for Elmira’s growing line of products.”

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