Pet Monster smart house for cats

Pet houses are rarely as fun or wacky as the Pet Monster series from designer Subinay Malhotra. The series combines bright colors, soft lines, and technology into some ridiculously playful furniture for your furry friends.

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Pet Monster smart house

Each of the brightly-colored dog and cat houses features fun little details like windows, antennae, and stubby legs. They look a bit like miniature alien spacecraft that landed just to give your pets a comfy place to hide out.

Pet Monster smart house colors

The Pet Monster houses are made of ventilated, scratch-resistant plastic panels which allow the little homes to be used indoors or outdoors. Integrated motion sensors and a proprietary app let pet owners keep an eye on their furry buddies even during the workday or during vacations. The retro-futuristic conceptual product is designed to bring a goofy, funny vibe to pet lovers’ homes. It also gives concerned pet owners peace of mind as they watch over their little friends and ensure that they’re having fun in their funky plastic houses.

“A ludic approach towards designing pet houses keeping ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics, material and manufacturing processes into consideration and creating a range that is technologically sound enough to keep a check and track of little pets. The question being of how to provide an interactive and playful environment to pets so that they sustain themselves being happy and healthy? So, a ludic character inspired design helps incorporate emotional design elements that relates to pets and also merges with the playfulness of the environment. Small pets including cats and pups would love to interact within such a space.”

Pet Monster smart house retro futuristic

“Easy to manufacture using pc plastic wall panelling that combines along using a simple click mechanism.The product is well ventilated and can be used for both indoor and out door purposes. Vibrant colors contribute towards the playfulness of the product and is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and damages caused by the little pets. the pet monster pet houses contribute towards the modern aesthetics and the technology requirements in today’s era. The product is well synchronized with an a smartphone app that keeps on giving an idea about the nearest location of the pets. Solving a lot of purposes where the pet plays and stays happy with his own environment as researches prove that secluding a pet in his own environment makes him learn a lot and stay patient with his own surroundings.”

“Scratch resistant, easy to maintain, easy to assemble and easy to store. The design methodology put into creating of the petmonster houses has made it really efficient in order to give the best to the little wonders. A little space for small pets but a monster for  them to play.”