In a small space, every square inch counts. But when you’re figuring out how to fit furniture into your tiny house or apartment, you don’t just have to think about where your possessions will go. The furniture itself also needs to be ultra-slim, transforming, or offer multiple functionalities in order to prove its worth. All kinds of factors come into play, including door clearance, so any old clunky bookcase, wardrobe, or cabinet won’t do. A company called Resource Furniture offers some interesting solutions to classic small-space problems, including this fun transforming storage unit.

On first glance, the Giralot looks like a colorful, modern version of a standard storage cabinet. The customizable storage compartments come in a rainbow of lacquer colors and three different stains of wood, and you can get them in different sizes, too. So far, so good right? But check out what happens when you open each module. Mounted to a column that’s anchored to the wall and rests on the floor, the compartments swing out as far as 180 degrees. You can choose whether they open left or right according to the shape of the area where it’s installed.

With about 30 different configurations of shapes and modules, the Giralot can be a handy place to store small objects in any room. Available accessories include clothing hooks, an umbrella stand, shoe holders, containers, bottle stands, extra shelves, and anti-rollover barriers for things you want to stay in place while a module swings open. There’s also a pull-out laptop shelf, if you want to use the Giralot as a mini workstation. Imagine it holding your toiletries in the bathroom, spices and oils in the kitchen, gloves and shoes in the entryway or scarves, hats, and ties in the bedroom.

You can also get the Giralot in mini size. While the original stands either 77 or 81 inches tall depending on which configuration you choose, the mini is 54 inches tall with either two or three modules. A fixed shelf at the very top stays put while the storage modules swing open. The clean, minimalist look of both Giralot units is a great fit with space-saving furniture from other manufacturers like IKEA, but Resource Furniture has a lot more smart solutions where this one came from.

Transforming tables include the Cristallo, a low-slung coffee table that pops up into a dining table or work surface; the Intra, a slim console with folding leaves that becomes a dining table for up to six people on demand; the Giro, which pops out 90 degrees from the wall to transform from a console into a dining table for four; and the Wally, a wall storage unit that lowers into a functional surface (among others).

Resource Furniture is perhaps best known for their wall beds and sofas, which can help even the tiniest of studio apartments feel a lot more spacious and livable. They include sectionals, bunk beds, twin XL Murphy beds, and a variety of seating styles that can be surrounded with shelves, cubbies, and other storage opportunities.