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Usually a reference to the computer-hardware kind of ‘memory’ in your laptop, ‘reseating’ in this case is the ability to sit back down in your favorite comfortable position after you get up from your form-fitting, custom and cozy inflatable chair.

Opening a built-in valve automatically re-inflates the Reseat chair, which in its default form looks like a simple rectangular box. As you use it, the object slowly conforms to your chosen position and ‘remembers’ it for the next time you come back.

This self-inflating seat comes in various colors and looks a little more fit as furniture for a college dorm room than a home living room but with its added functionality, well, it is tempting to put one just about anywhere you like to sit and read regularly.

While inflatable furniture has become a kind of contemporary kitchen, at least it works well as a portable piece – great for camping or other temporary dwelling situations, spare spaces or recreational rooms.