Instrumental Home

This is a ‘pre-crafted’ home, designed in a collaboration between New York-based globally-renowned musician and interior designer, Lenny Kravitz, and globally-renowned architect Marmol Radziner. They were brought together by Revolution Precrafted Properties, which tasked the duo to create an efficient, indoor/outdoor living space.

Instrumental Home Marmol Radziner

The ‘Instrumental Home’ from Revolution

The ‘Instrumental Home’ is a free-standing enclosure – and no, this doesn’t just mean a fancy shed. Basically it’s a small, uber-cool dwelling incorporating a living area, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.
Everybody’s favorite architectural dream – to bring the outside inside – is adequately catered for with full-height glazing – in other words, with massive windows and glass doors.
External decking wraps around the front and the side, creating a seamless transition between in and out. The exterior trellis filters light inside the house, while providing a subtle element of cover for the decks.
Interior Instrumental Home
From the Revolution website:
“New York City-based design firm Kravitz Design, Inc. conceived the Instrumental Home’s interiors with the goal of creating an efficient, indoor/outdoor living space. Each area of the pre-crafted, one-bedroom home was smartly considered to maximize use of its compact footprint.”
The floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto outside decks, and to effect a smooth transition, the same metal wall panels and durable floor tiles are used both inside and out.
Instrumental Home Living Room

The instrumental Home Living Area

To maximize efficient use of space, the kitchen island  doubles as a dining table. Storage is built-in, so you don’t have to add closets and cupboards. The whole project, both inside and outside, has a relaxed, monochrome palette that sits beautifully in its natural, outer space.

Feroz in Jungle Fever ‘For the wild at heart teen’s lounge’

Meanwhile…Kravitz cooked up some color elsewhere.
Flavor Paper makes hand screened and digitally printed, eco-friendly wallpaper.  KDI approached the company to help with their interior design of the Paramount Bay condominium, and together Kravitz and Flavor co-designed the photo-based wallpapers with eye popping colors and gorgeous graphics: The ‘Tropiclismo’ range was inspired by the Tropicalia art movement in Brazil in the late 1960s.
The lounges were designed for different age groups, and the pattern Feroz in Jungle Fever was chosen in the teen lounge “to set the tone for their wild years.”
Lenny Kravitz and Flavor
“When our friends at Kravitz Design started designing the new Paramount Bay condo development in Miami they turned to Flavor Paper to help set the tone in the sales office to help spur interest and set the vibe.” – Flavor Wallpaper
Kravitz design Paramount Bay

The Paramount Bay Condo with wallpaper by Kravitz

Alvorada wallpaper Kravitz design

‘Alvorada’ in Tomato

‘Alvorada’ is a big, bold print that is sassy and packed with rhythm. It can be hung with a horizontal or a vertical pattern – either way it creates drama with its large scale graphic. In the ‘Tomato’ shade (image above), it packs some wallop, though in the cool ‘Marshmallow’ shade ( pictured with Lenny), it adds a sophisticated, laid back ambience.
Already world famous as a successful musician, interiors and product designer Kravitz is described as a ‘Renaissance Man’ on the KDI website, and it’s clearly not  an empty boast. Let’s face it – some people just have style.