Living in a space with nearly 20 cats isn’t a task that many people would take on, but if you’re going to do it you may as well go all-out. A homeowner in Goleta, California tasked Trillium Enterprises with making his home into a cat-centric oasis.

The builders made the home into a feline paradise. They fitted each room with special cat entertainment equipment like ledges, platforms, and even a central scratching post.

The green spiral and curved green shelves on the walls are simply fun ways for the cats to run around the house. Because they are all indoor cats, they need a way to get their daily exercise – and these kitty-friendly home features definitely let them do that.

Details like custom play tunnels and numerous jumping ledges are perfect for this cat lover’s home and are bound to keep the cats busy and entertained.

We imagine the homeowner is entertained as well, watching his feline friends hop around and explore all of the fun spaces put there just for them.

It seems that no space in the home is off-limits for the kitties. The tunnels, walkways, platforms and ledges can be found all around the house. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you can appreciate the fact that this satisfies the cats’ desire to be constantly in the middle of whatever the homeowner is doing at the time.

For those worried about the smell that 18 cats in one house might cause, the builders also installed a special ventilation system to keep the homeowner and visitors happy as well.
(via: Inthralld)