Maybe having a whole matching set of cups and saucers isn’t exactly your cup of tea, but having cups that match the saucers they sit on is always a nice touch. These unusual cup and saucer sets from D-Bros ensure that your cup is always in perfect order with its saucer.

cups and saucers mirrored surface

At first glance, the cup and saucer sets look beautiful, but not entirely remarkable. After all, matching sets are kind of the standard. But lift the cup away from the saucer and you see how unusual these tabletop pieces are.

The cups are each carefully handmade by skilled artisans in the Hakata region of Japan. They paint the cups evenly with a reflective palladium coating that mirrors the vibrant patterns on the cups.

always matching cups and saucers

When apart, the mugs are simply shiny and the saucers are just painted with interesting patterns. Together, however, they are perfectly matched sets that prove two pieces are better than one.

reflective cups and saucers

The good news is that if you break one mug or one saucer, you can carry on using the remaining pieces because none of the mug/saucer combinations will ever be mismatched. The less-good news is that each handcrafted cup and saucer combo will cost you $88 over at Spoon & Tamago.