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Ever pass by a dilapidated building and think: with some new windows, a roof and some refinishing, this would be a wonderful little home? In this case, a seemingly hopeless little structure became the basis for a beautiful mountain home-away-from-home.

Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architectes had to do more than just add a ceiling and fill in window openings, though, going so far as to frame a basements from reinforced concrete and stabilize the old log-cabin walls above via framed supports within.

Inside, the effect is simple – sanded-concrete floors, white walls and staircase, and bleached wood trim feature little additive decor – the scenic vista surrounding this vacation home are all the view one could hope for.

On the outside, a traditional appearance is maintained through the use of local materials. Unobtrusive solar energy supplies the dwelling’s modest power needs.

Wild-growing grass is left uncut, and no landscaping interferes with the natural order of the hillside, making it still look as if this might just still be a relic from another age, abandoned or inhabited by a long-standing mountain dweller.