This house is all about sequence – a faded brick shell gives way to spaces mixing old and new, which in turn lead into ultramodern interiors deep within this former fire station compound. The heart is a blend of black, white and glass – a private modern retreat tucked like a nesting doll in a rich historic container.

Rooms on the first floor that touch the edge of the lot share and expose the exterior brick wall, adding texture within. Newly-added angled windows with white-and-black frames mediate between outside and in, brick and addition.

A central courtyard features reused hardwood and a few free-standing brick columns, but is otherwise framed by linear white walls.

Deeper inside, traces of the old structure dwindle – clean lines, simple forms, elegant skylights and creative angular elements take over.

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In the most secluded and private zones, like the master bathroom and bedroom, one might almost be in newly-constructed urban condo rather than a converted property.?Via DesigntoInspire (and listed at RealEstate AU).