Reedsmith Wall Weave

What the heck is a fiber artist? Glad you asked. In the case of Aussie Tanika Reed, it’s an artisan known for creating absolutely stunning wall pieces of complex and layered knots. It’s not your grandma’s hippie macramé, although Tanika was inspired, incidentally, by both macramé and her granny.

Reedsmith Wall Weave

While her art does have a folksy touch, it exudes a rugged, elegant strength and unique style that has nothing to do with the hanging owls of the 1970s. And the quality doesn’t even begin to compare with the boho chic stuff one can order from Urban Outfitters. These pieces are a labor of love.

Reedsmith knotted art

Her art objects require thousands of intricate knots and days to complete, taking the word handiwork to a whole new level. We love her chair weaves, wall weaves and so-called bouquet weaves incorporating wild flowers, but her wall weaves are truly the most impressive, the gorgeous and often delicate white cotton hanging from gnarled pieces of wild wood, burned timber, industrial objects or even old tools such as an axe.

Reedsmith Weaving

Her fringe work is, too, is stunning and evocative of the wild South Coast, NSW, where the artist resides. See below:

Triangle Knots

Reedsmith Co. will not go big biz. As Tanika explains: “Every weave I knot is so special and dear to me. Each time these hands work the cotton and unravel and weave, it is time spent that I could of with our daughters, cuddled together on the lounge, playing at the park. Every weave carries this most precious price; this gift of time. Realizing this, we have made the tough decision to not wholesale our weaves.”

Reedsmith Reedsmith wall hanging in a bedroom

You’ll find a couple of examples of her work and details on her website, but it’s her Instagram account where you can view her masterful artisanship and see the individual pieces within the context of living spaces (see bedroom above).

Tanika Reed at work

They currently ship within Australia at a flat $10 rate. Some pieces are available for worldwide shipping at an additional cost. Custom orders are the norm. For prices check the website at; otherwise email Tanika directly at [email protected]